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When sending items by post there are various options that can result in considerable savings. Our highly experienced account managers are able to identify the most cost-effective process of getting your mail delivered.


With postage being the biggest expense of any direct mail campaign, as well as the most complex, Platinum can help reduce your costs while navigating you through your options.


Don’t let postage confuse you. Postage isn’t seen as an afterthought but something we plan from the beginning.

It’s all about the right postage

It’s all about the right postage

Being an established mailing house enables us to pass on our wholesale discounts thanks to the large volumes of mail we produce on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on offering the best postage solutions, allowing our customers to take advantage of our bulk mailing.

Know your sizes

Max Weight: 100g – Max Height: 165mm – Max Width: 240mm – Max Thickness: 5mm

Large Letters
Max Weight: 750g – Max Height: 353mm – Max Width: 250mm – Max Thickness: 25mm
0-100g, 101-250g, 251-750g – in steps of 1g


A3 packets
Max Weight: 750g – Max Height: 420mm – Max Width: 297mm – Max Thickness: 25mm

Other packets
0-100g, 101-250g, 251-1000g – in steps of 1g

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Our team of experts can offer you our advice and guidance, passing savings to you and getting the lowest possible postage rates from our postage partners.

Need help? Contact us by email or call our team on 01423 881158