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What is A4 envelope size?

Your comprehensive guide.

Your comprehensive guide.

A4 envelopes, referred to as C4 envelopes, are among the most common envelope sizes. Learning more about its size and weight can assist you in determining what can be accommodated within an A4 envelope size and what your potential postage expenses might be.

Dimensions of an A4 envelope size:

An A4 envelope’s length is 21.082 cm (or 210.82 mm), while its height measures 29.718 cm (or 297.18 mm), slightly larger than the A4 paper it’s designed to hold.

Further information.

Further information.

Envelope weight:

The width or thickness of an A4 envelope depends on its brand and the type of paper it’s constructed from. Most A4 envelopes are approximately 70-100gms. This thickness generally allows them to hold several sheets of paper, given that A4 envelopes are designed for unfolded sheets. However, if the envelope is crafted from heavier-duty paper, it may be slightly thicker. Thicker envelopes may accommodate fewer sheets.

An alternative to the C4 envelope is a C5 envelope. A C5 envelope fit’s an A4 piece of paper when it’s folded in half to A5.

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