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Access Building Products has been operating since 2006 and holds the position of the UK’s leading supplier of customisable Access Panels. They specialise in creating tailor-made panels for various applications such as loft hatches, meter boxes, smoke vents and roof hatches. Introducing their latest line, Just Add print, customers now have the freedom to determine the appearance of their access panels. Enabling seamless integration into existing decor, adding a further touch of class or creating a statement piece.

The challenge

Access Building Products approached us with a unique request, to incorporate printing onto their hatches, a service they had not previously offered. This marked a pioneering venture for both parties. The challenge was to find an ink that would adhere and dry effectively on the product material while maintaining the quality of the printed image. Additionally, Access Building Products sought an innovative and attention-grabbing way to introduce this new product to their customers.

The solution

To address the printing challenge, we devised, tested, and implemented PVC jigs tailored to hold each hatch securely during the printing process, ensuring accurate printing. By utilising UV-cured inks and digitally printing onto the hatches, we successfully achieved the desired outcome. Each hatch sample underwent meticulous testing to guarantee top-notch quality across all products.


In addition, by collaborating closely with our designers, we created an infinity-fold card to promote the new Just Add Print product line. The infinity-fold card offers a unique and memorable user experience, standing out from other printed collateral. Its endless folding design provides an ideal platform to tell the compelling story of the new unique offering from Access Building Products and captures the attention of their potential customers.

Over the moon!!!

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