BigChange was created to streamline field service businesses into a single, efficient platform. Recognising the industry’s fragmented processes, BigChange developed a system to improve communication, efficiency, and sustainability. The software enables users to schedule work, generate quotes, issue invoices, create reports and manage a sales pipeline among other features.

Today, BigChange is an essential tool for over 2,000 companies and nearly 100,000 users, transforming businesses of all sizes into more efficient, profitable, and environmentally friendly operations.

The Challenge

BigChange approached us to design various campaign boxes aimed at engaging potential field service businesses with their software. We were tasked to create custom-made boxes that could neatly house various items. Additionally, we would be required to print and customise the boxes and literature to be included in the boxes. Once made up and filled, these boxes would need to be sent out with proof of delivery obtained, ready for the BigChange sales team to follow up on.

The Solution

Following our initial meeting with BigChange, we meticulously designed a range of printed packaging boxes tailored to house specific items for each campaign. We conducted extensive testing to ensure that both the boxes and their contents would withstand the postal journey intact. Our ability to personalise the boxes allowed BigChange to be more creative with their designs. The personalisation on the outside of the box, featuring the recipient’s name on the top, significantly increased engagement. Inside a personalised card with the recipient’s name on further drew the potential client in, encouraging them to fully digest the information within the box.


The items inside—personalised brochures, call-to-action cards, instructions, and a selection of products including a drone, travel mug, personalised teabag, and boost bar—were sourced by either BigChange or Platinum. Coordinating the personalised printing and finishing of these items, as well as assembling and packing the boxes, required precise management of numerous moving parts.

Despite the logistical challenges, including managing tight timelines, coordinating proof sign-offs, and ensuring timely mailing around crucial dates, we successfully navigated the process. Delivery information was quickly summarised and sent to the client to ensure a timed follow-up from the sales team. As a result of these campaigns, BigChange has seen an uptake in customers.

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