Gale and Phillipson

Dating back to 1904, Gale and Phillipson is an independent whole-of-the-market financial planning and investment management firm, delivering excellent financial advice, wealth management and cash management services. With eight offices stretching from the North to the South of England, Gale and Phillipson have a strong history and enviable reputation.


The Challenge

With multiple offices and a pressure to keep stock of all necessary printed materials and ensure marketing materials are available at short notice, Gale and Phillipson were looking for a solution that would automate the ordering process and make stock management and reordering easier.

Multiple branches mean multiple items of stationery, brochures and folders, all with the correct contact information for that office. With eight different offices, Gale and Phillipson were keen to have a system that could be used by multiple members of staff to keep a constant supply available.

The Solution

Platinum are able to offer Gale and Phillipson access to their Web2Print system, a single source marketing portal, where they are able to reorder their printed materials easily. This saves time and money by reducing the interaction and admin involved.

With templates for their stationery, folders and brochures loaded into the Web2Print system it creates a far less time-consuming job to order what is needed, when they need it.

As a single source provider, Platinum are able to deliver all Gale and Phillipson’s branded items quickly and efficiently. This has reduced the time it has taken for them to receive their items and created a more efficient ordering process for their stationery with less waste.

The Web2Print portal is a fantastic offering from Platinum. It has made our lives 10 times easier, and allows each office to quickly and easily reorder their own stock when they are running out. Platinum are always very efficient with delivery of orders and are very quick to update materials on Web2Print when needed.

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