Leeds Trinity University



Leeds Trinity University is situated across two campuses: one nestled in Horsforth, just six miles from the vibrant Leeds city centre, and the other in the heart of the city itself. The Main Campus in Horsforth hosts a diverse array of specialised facilities, including the Health and Life Sciences Building, Centre for Journalism, Media Centre, and dedicated Psychology Suites.

Meanwhile, the city centre campus offers an impressive range of innovative facilities, such as a trading room, boardroom, business engagement centre, and even a law court. Across both campuses, the university provides a comprehensive range of foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees spanning various disciplines within humanities and social sciences.

The Challenge

LTU reached out to us following the success of a previous campaign, commissioning us to create a campaign box intended to reach potential students directly at their doorsteps. The aim was to offer something both useful and wellbeing-themed while serving as a reminder of the university and reasons to consider joining. The box had to adhere to large letter guidelines, ensuring it could fit through letterboxes, allowing recipients to receive it even when they’re out, and keeping costs down compared to parcel postage.

The solution

After our initial meeting with LTU, we meticulously designed a box specifically crafted to fit through letterboxes. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure both the box and its contents endured the postal journey intact.

All the items inside, including seed sticks, love hearts, and a useful notepad, were provided by our team. Coordinating the printing and finishing of these items, assembling the boxes, and packing them required precise management of multiple moving parts.

Each recipient also received a matching course leaflet personalised to the course they applied for, adding a thoughtful touch.


Managing tight timelines, coordinating proof sign-offs, box assembly, and timely mailing around crucial dates was a logistical challenge we successfully navigated.

In addition, the box was carbon-balanced, with the carbon footprint of production carefully calculated and offset, aligning with LTU’s commitment to sustainability.

Already, LTU has seen an increase in inquiries about offer-holder days, indicating the positive impact of the campaign.

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