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How many opportunities are you missing out on by not having marketing materials ready to go when customers enquire?

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This is a question that we can all ask ourselves from time to time.

You may be in a meeting, or on the phone to a prospective customer and they ask for more information. People like something that they can hold in their hand and read when they get a moment.

As a marketeer, I get calls from people all the time wanting to discuss their products. My response 9 times out 10 is ‘can you send me some more information that I can look at when I have a bit more time.’ Some companies may see this as a bit of a cop out, but what is the harm in having these marketing materials ready to go? This doesn’t always have to be printed material, it can be an email with more information, but to have it at your finger tips is always a bonus.

With Corona Virus having caused such upheaval among businesses and changing our working patterns, it is now more important than ever to focus on what our customers need and want and how we can get it to them.

At Platinum, we think long and hard about the printed materials we are creating, not just from an environmental point of view, but what we believe will be a benefit to our customers. We know our brochure is an important part of our arsenal and we get asked for it a lot. We send it out in packs to prospective customers and our sales team always have a healthy stock to hand out on their visits (pre-Covid).

As a print company we know how important the paper we use is and how complicated and overwhelming the choices for our customers can seem. With this in mind we created a sample book that has proved very popular among our customers. (You can request one here.)

Having the right marketing materials at your fingertips https://platinumprint.com/print-packaging/can be immensely rewarding. Being in the knowledge that you have given your customer the right information, when asked for, can make all the difference and give your customer the confidence in you and your products.

In an ever-changing world, it makes sense to have your marketing materials on hand and ready to go. Don’t be afraid to create resources you think will benefit your customers. If you think they are worth talking about, you can be sure your customers will find it helpful to have some further information about your products and services after your meeting.

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