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Maximise the impact of your digital messages via print

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Maximise the impact of your digital messages via print.

Did you know that print is four times more trustworthy than Social Media and marketers are starting to use print to cut through the digital overload?

Savvy customers and consumers are making the life of the modern marketer harder than ever. Recent research* has highlighted that the more targeted the message on your campaign, the higher the response rate is likely to be.

Digital channels have been the cost-effective way to reach a large audience for the last decade, but with data privacy changes such as GDPR, as well as changes afoot at Apple and Google, the landscape is changing.

Research carried out by digital advertising agency Infolinks revealed that 86% of consumers have ‘banner blindness’, meaning their eyes just slide over digital ads. This was strengthened by a Nielsen Norman Group eye-tracking study, which found that consumers quickly learn to ignore the spots where ads are usually placed, like the tops and sides of web pages.

We all receive so many emails every day, with a high percentage being junk mail. This has led to emails simply being put straight into the trash, without even being opened.

The advantage of mailing out a printed item is that it’s more trustworthy. It’s something that the customer can touch and engage with. Digital printing can deliver perfectly customised marketing by inserting in any text, a customer or prospect’s name, address and other personal information.


Increasing Engagement

Recent Data & Marketing Association (DMA) research shows that consumers engage with 91% of printed direct mail material, with 9 out of 10 consumers going online or engaging in a digital activity leading to making an online purchase. So undertaking a targeted, tailored, printed campaign to reach consumers will increase engagement online too.

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Talk to us about the most cost-effective way to individualise a marketing campaign

Platinum can tailor names, details, background colours and images on a wide variety of products. Bespoke-tailored items include letters, postcards, posters, envelopes, brochures, flyers and catalogues, to make your marketing campaign standout creating a more tailored message for each type of customer.

Our variable data digital printing offers more flexibility for short-run jobs with fast turn around times, without compromising on the colour or quality.

Our seven-colour HP Indigo is an exceptional machine. A B2 sheet-fed digital press that offers virtually unlimited applications with breakthrough print quality. With the option to print white, seven colours and on the widest range of substrates.

If you have a campaign or an idea, we can print a one-off or thousands, each with different data and a different image. Enabling you to test your campaign, price and product.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements today.

* Sappi 11 ways report

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