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Platinum’s advent calendar- from concept to completion

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This year’s Platinum advent calendar generated a considerable buzz, and we received some lovely feedback from our clients. It was a genuine labour of love, and the entire team thoroughly enjoyed working on this project.

Platinum’s designer, Becky, conceived the initial design inspired by gonks, whose popularity has been steadily rising. Gonks are distinctive figurines with long bushy beards and knitted hats, often considered the Nordic version of Santa Claus, drawing inspiration from gnomes and hobgoblins found in Scandinavian and Nordic mythology.

Paul, our packaging expert, took on the challenge of creating the perfect advent box, designed to fit through the post box while providing sturdy protection for the chocolates behind each window. Constructed entirely from card, the chocolates were secured in place by a grid that fit snugly inside the box. By eliminating plastic inserts and foil, in keeping with our commitment to environmental practices, we achieved a packaging solution made entirely from cardboard.

Careful consideration was given to the type of perforations used on each window to prevent accidental openings during transportation while ensuring they weren’t too difficult to open upon receipt.

Once the design was approved, our attention turned to the best way to achieve the foil effect on the calendar. With the need for eight different foil colours, the cost was anticipated to be high. To address this, we explored achieving a similar effect using Mirri board. Digital printing allowed us to personalise the calendars and print white ink, allowing the Mirri board to shine through where needed, resulting in a fantastic finish that exceeded our expectations.

If you are looking for a bespoke advent calendar next year to show your customers that you care please get in touch, but don’t leave it until December!

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