Platinum become a carbon balanced printer

Platinum becomes a carbon balanced printer

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Our commitment to the environment continues.

More than 33 years of Platinum also means more than 33 years of building a company known for quality products, exceptional customer service and continuous investment. Throughout those years our impact on the environment has always been key in our business decisions.

In the early years, we were one of the first Yorkshire based printers to introduce chemical & water free printing plate production, reducing our chemical waste by over 3000 litres a year. Electric and Hybrid cars are becoming popular now, we had one of the first 100% electric vans in 2012! Along with our first hybrid car.

Since those early days we have continued our commitment, offering our customers environmental advice for print options. We have promoted recycled paper, which was especially important pre-FSC, to the more recent FSC certified & carbon balanced papers. Our brown box scheme remains popular where we collect and reuse/recycle our boxes.

Recently we started working towards becoming a carbon neutral company. We have continued to reduce waste, save energy and material in all areas of the business.

Now in 2022 we have achieved our latest environmental goal, becoming one of just a handful of Carbon Balanced Printers, working closely with The World Land Trust, offsetting carbon we currently cannot eradicate.

Follow our environmental journey through the years, investing millions in the latest technology, improving our processes and our award-winning moments.

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