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2024: Platinum’s Commitment to Energy Efficiency

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As a Carbon Balanced Printer, we work alongside the global conservation charity World Land Trust to protect critically threatened habitats in Vietnam. This partnership not only offsets our carbon footprint but also safeguards the numerous endangered species inhabiting these forests. This year, we have taken additional steps to further reduce our carbon footprint by investing in new energy-saving measures.

Solar Panel Installation
In 2024, we launched a series of energy-saving initiatives to achieve our environmental goals. Our commitment to sustainable practices underscores our belief that conscious decision-making and strategic investments can significantly reduce our environmental impact and inspire others to follow suit. This year, we completed the installation of additional solar panels at our headquarters in Harrogate, finalising our company-wide solar panel project. Our dedication to solar energy plays a crucial role in reducing harmful emissions and promoting a shift towards sustainable energy sources. The integration of solar panels into our operations aims to substantially decrease our carbon footprint, demonstrating that our actions make a measurable difference.

Double Glazing
To further reduce our energy consumption, we have installed PVCu double glazed windows throughout our buildings. Previously, single-glazed windows caused significant energy loss due to poor insulation. Since approximately 18% of heat is typically lost through windows, we anticipate a substantial reduction in energy consumption and heating costs during the winter months.

New Boilers
We have also invested in replacing our outdated, less efficient boilers with new gas boilers. This ongoing project aims to have all boilers replaced by 2025. Replacing old boilers with more efficient models generally results in a 20%-25% increase in efficiency, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Continued Carbon Offsetting
In addition to these measures, we continue our carbon offsetting efforts through the World Land Trust. We remain committed to making impactful changes and leading the way towards a greener future.

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