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Our customers often say that when they first started working with the team at Platinum, they had no idea about all the different things that we could produce. You hear printers and you just assume paper. As you walk around our building you can’t help but notice all the bright wallpaper standing out, that is all produced in-house.

As I walked round the Platinum building this morning, I realised how more and more walls are covered in amazing designs and pictures. There is even the odd desk that has been customised to the owner’s requirements.

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We have done some fantastic graphics for our customers, from an old-fashioned map of Harrogate for Harrogate Spring Water, to bright stand out wallpapers for Yorkshire Housing. We also create various wallpaper and vinyls for ongoing campaigns, regularly refreshed for our customers. Our graphics add an amazing impact as you walk through their doors.

It’s such a unique and personal product that can make all the difference to your work space. You can have company motto’s, quotes, pictures or patterns anything goes. If you are worried about the shape of your wall, all you need is a good fitter, we can help with that too. The impact that customised wallpaper can bring quite something. We often get enquiries about ours as people tour around our site, seeing what we produce in-house often gets our clients imagination going.

wall graphics

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your own wallpaper. It’s an amazing way to get your message across to your customers as they walk through your door and get to see something so personal and unique.

If you think it’s too hard or too much hassle, it really isn’t. We have had to stop the team from changing the wall on a weekly basis. If you’re not sure what you could have or how it might look, give our sales team a call they are always happy to help with advice and samples of completed work.

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