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What is Correx?

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Your comprehensive guide.

Your comprehensive guide.

  • What is Correx?
    Correx is a 2-ply fluted plastic sheet which is a strong, semi-rigid, weather-resistant, chemical resistant, lightweight material.
  • How is Correx made?
    Correx is created by extruding hot liquid plastic through a metal template. After passing through the template, the liquid cools and forms a continuous sheet, which is then cut into finished boards ready for printing.
  • Is Correx the same as Corvex, Coriflute, and corrugated plastic?
    Yes, they are all forms of corrugated plastic sheets. However, Correx is a registered brand name that has become a generic term used to describe polypropylene fluted plastic sheeting.
  • Can you cut Correx?
    Correx can be easily cut into various shapes using a sharp knife, guillotine, or router. Specialised flatbed drag knife cutting machines are also available for custom shapes.
Further information.

Further information.

  • Can Correx be die-cut?
    Yes, Correx can be die-cut, but only up to a maximum overall size of 1000 x 800mm. Die-cutting involves using a shaped, steel knifed cutting form to create precise cuts in the Correx sheet.
  • What is the standard sheet size for Correx?
    Standard Correx board sizes are (2440mm x 1220mm) orĀ  (3050 x 1550mm), from which smaller panels are cut. For long-run sign printing, bespoke sizes can be manufactured to reduce waste.
  • Can you recycle Correx?
    Yes, Correx is 100% recyclable
  • Is Correx biodegradable?
    No, Correx is not biodegradable, but it will eventually deteriorate after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Is Correx waterproof?
    Yes, Correx is entirely waterproof, making it an excellent choice for outdoor advertising boards and temporary signage.
  • What can Correx be used for?
    Correx is good for pretty much everything. Internal printed wall panels or external signage is an entirely affordable option. Correx can also be mounted using almost anything, including suction cups!

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